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September 2022 Cobot Updates

Sam Bender
Sep 30, 2022
September 2022 Cobot Updates

Fall is here! The leaves are changing color and coworkers are returning from much-deserved summer holidays. Are you prepared for the wave of new coworkers as more traditional companies send their teams to coworking spaces? See how Cobot keeps you prepared in our September update.

Meeting room display usability improvements

Do you use the meeting room display to show when your resources are available or taken? It’s the simplest way to quickly display that information in the physical world, and it just got easier to use.

Spaces and resources are now displayed in tiles, making the entire interface more tablet-friendly. The main view received other visual improvements for ease-of-use.

Not already using Cobot’s meeting room display? It’s free to try—and free to use! Go ahead and test it out.

See visitor information on bookings in calendar overview

Do you use external bookings? We’ve added more information to the calendar event in order to make the process smoother for admins.

Each booking made via the visitor portal now shows the visitor’s name. This makes it easier for admins to see at a glance who’s coming into the space and plan appropriately.

Don’t leave money on the table! With External Bookings it’s never been easier to earn revenue from your existing resources. Turn it on in your admin dashboard and get a free month-long trial.

Easier Assignment of Time Passes

Time passes are a core component of many coworking and flex workspaces, they allow for a simple assignment of time that can be “cashed in” by members when checking in to your space. In past versions, Cobot gave admins plenty of options for billing when assigning time passes. That hasn’t changed, but the wording and layout is now much clearer. Admins are now prompted to select: Charge, Already Paid, or No Charge. It’s that simple!

Adyen updates

Adyen is a popular payment provider that allows you to accept payment from credit cards and other local payment options. It’s powerful to use and it just became simpler to manage!

Previously, Adyen required members to update their information on a form on their website. It provided a layer of difficulty that has now been removed—members can now update their payment data directly in Cobot.

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Happy coworking!

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