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We ask the experts 5 questions about their work, their journey, and their advice for anyone in the flexible work industry.

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Historias sobre coworking de todo el mundo, para el mundo hispanohablante.

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Breakdowns and takeaways from the top global coworking events.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives. Coworking spaces and other flexible workspaces have been adapting and using the opportunities presented by the dramatic shift in the way we work to lead the way into the future.


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Coworking and the Climate

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Coworking Latin America

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Interviews with Latin American Coworking experts on the technology and culture that sets them apart.

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Explore the latest trends in the coworking world, or scroll through the archive to see how the world of flexible work has evolved over the past decade.

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We’re (virtually) visiting Cobot-powered spaces around the world to share their experiences, advice, and predictions!

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Starting every business is a challenge - but it doesn’t have to be insurmountable! We’re sharing guides, resources, and lists designed by our team based on our own experiences operating a coworking space, attending the leading conferences, and what we hear from operators who use our software.

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Read about Cobot’s product updates. Articles, interviews, and news from the world of coworking, coliving, and the future of work and workspaces.

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The Early Years of Coworking

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We interviewed many of the first coworking professionals on the changing meaning of coworking and ask them: Is that a good thing?

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