Prepaid Booking Passes

Sep 05, 2014

Is your space frequented by business travelers and knowmads who come in irregularly? Our new prepaid option allows you to offer flexible booking while avoiding an end-of-the-month billing with members who may not be around for that long.

We call this new feature prepaid booking passes and they allow your most flexible flex workers to preorder their favorite green meeting room or that cool desk with a monitor and pay you immediately.

How about a 10-hour pass for one of the small meeting rooms? That could be great for freelancers who prefer to stay flexible who only need a room for the occasional client meeting.

Prepaid bookings can be used with any of your booking calendar resources and are based on your members’ plans. Once signed up, your members can buy booking passes and start using them immediately to make bookings.

To set up prepaid bookings passes, go to Setup -> Plans -> Add plan -> Bookings. For step-by-step instructions, take a look at our prepaid booking passes guide.


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