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Cobot Product Update May 2024

Cobot Product Update May 2024

Hi there,

Here are all the things we shipped last month:


More Insights in Your Weekly Digest

Weekly Updates
Weekly updates

Introducing the new Weekly Digest! Get tailored business metrics, including internal and external bookings, revenue, drop-in passes sold, and new contacts. Stay informed and make better decisions with these insights delivered to your inbox.


Get Your Event Attendees List in CSV

Event Attendees List in CSV
Event Attendees List in CSV

Managing event check-ins just got simpler! We’ve added a new feature that allows you to download a CSV file of an event's attendees, making it easy to integrate with your check-in system.


Edit Attendee Count for External Bookings

Attendee Count for External Bookings
Attendee Count for External Bookings

Keeping track of attendance changes for external bookings just got easier. Now you can easily update the number of visitors for an external booking, so you'll always know exactly how many people you need to prepare for.


Create Your Triggers With Our Zapier Integration

Zapier integration
Zapier integration

In case you missed it, our Zapier integration is now open source, so any developer can add new triggers and features. So if you need custom triggers, you can easily create them yourself.


Improved Accounting Codes Navigation

We've made a small adjustment to improve your accounting experience. Accounting codes are now easier to find as a submenu under Invoice Settings in the sidebar navigation. In addition, you can easily check your revenue by using the accounting code directly from the Accounting Codes page.


We've rolled out an improved cookie banner, making it easier for visitors of your public pages to customize their cookie preferences.

And that concludes our May update.

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Kristina Schneider

Co-founder and Head of Product at Cobot. I’m currently based in Berlin, but love to travel and work from coworking spaces, libraries and beaches around the world. 🌴🤙