Product Updates

Major Software Upgrade, Invoices Overhaul

Dec 1, 2010

In the last weeks we mainly worked on 2 projects I want to talk about today.


The invoices feature received some major enhancements:

Space managers can now edit invoices in case coworkers were charged for something in error.

Cobot now tracks whether an invoice has been sent or not and gives managers the ability to resend invoices. The resend button is on the invoice.

Again as a space manager you can now change the day a coworker gets her invoice. This will mostly be useful for spaces with manual payment processing as it allows them to move all payments to one day, so they can process them in one go instead of checking every day.

Invoices can now be marked as paid to allow for better payment tracking. If you have automated payment processing (Credit Card, Paypal) this happens automatically as well.

Invoice payments are also linked to the payment tracking on the coworkers list, so if you mark an invoice as paid that includes the rent for a desk the corresponding month on the coworkers page is also marked as paid and vice versa.

Software Upgrades

We’ve upgraded cobot to run on the latest version of Ruby (1.9.2) and Ruby on Rails (3). The primary reason was that for a few upcoming features we needed new features not present in the old versions. As a nice side effect the site has become significantly faster, reducing response times up to a factor of 10. The other side effects were a few glitches here and there, mainly broken links to space’s websites and to the terms of service when signing up. Sorry, those are fixed now.


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