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Cobot is Working Remotely to Support Our Community

Mar 11, 2020
Cobot is Working Remotely to Support Our Community

What steps are we taking?

At Cobot, we frequently travel and often work remotely or on flexible schedules. However, we still value our face time with one another. The core of our team works out of our open-plan office in Kreuzberg, Berlin — which happens to be one of the busiest and densest areas of the city. Now that Berlin appears to be at the beginning of coronavirus epidemic we’re taking measures to protect our employees and our community.

Berlin has very efficient healthcare infrastructure. However, facing a global epidemic, it has become apparent that even a strong health system can be overloaded if we don’t collectively take steps to slow down the infection rate.

At our workplace we have the privilege to shift everyone to remote work without much friction; we are taking the advice of our local health experts seriously and we have decided to encourage everyone at our office to work from home until further notice in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 here in Berlin.

Our employees will be able to work from home or from their local coworking spaces as we attempt to help cut down on the amount of commuters and time spent in crowds.

This will have no effect on our customers — our support and update schedule are unchanged, and we don’t expect any disruptions to our work.

The reason we’re telling you about this is because we feel that at this time, it’s important to show solidarity with our friends and neighbors who might be susceptible to the coronavirus by doing our part to minimize community transmission in Berlin. We encourage all businesses to evaluate the risk not just to employees, but to the wider public with a particular focus on easing the pressure on healthcare infrastructure.

Looking for more information?

If you’re looking for resources, we’re not the experts, but we’re using the following websites for general information:

Happy (and healthy) coworking!

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