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Cobot & Cloudessa: a Match Made in Heaven

Sep 10, 2013

Yes, folks: Wi-Fi integration just got a whole lot easier!

In addition to offering Wi-Fi integration with the use of Pfsense, Cobot is now proud to announce that we have teamed up with Cloudessa to bring you Wi-Fi integration via their Radius servers.

Say what?

So-called Radius servers allow Wi-Fi (or cable-based) routers to communicate with services such as Cobot. This means they can turn your router* into a device that controls who goes online, generates statistics on your space for Cobot’s Analytics section and ensures that day passes in a plan are automatically deducted upon check-in.

So, no more policing, keeping an eye out to see who checked in correctly and who might be flying under the radar. Instead, you can just greet your coworkers worry-free and rest assured that, if they are indeed using your internet connection, they will have been checked in correctly, too. Sounds like a piece of cake, right?

The best news is: Cobot users benefit from a substantial discount on Cloudessa’s services. Check out ‘Setup’ -> ‘Wi-Fi integration’ for more information on pricing and how to sign up. As always, there are no strings attached: you can cancel the service any time you want. So, no excuses: book Cloudessa to your Cobot plan & try it right away!

After all: why not allow yourself a bit more time with your head in the clouds?

*Most modern routers support the Radius protocol, but it is of course wise to double-check yours (for extra assistance, just contact support).


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