Product Updates

What’s the Trend, Friend?

Jul 16, 2013

Cobot is proud to present: our shiny new Analytics section! Just numbers and figures, you say? You might be surprised…

Cobot’s new Analytics section gives you a clear, at-a-glance overview of how your space is doing, how your coworkers are behaving and what resources are valued and used most by your coworkers. It enables you to see trends in your own coworking space — e.g. the most popular plans, the resources most frequently booked or membership up- and downgrade actions — and adequately respond to them. This way you can proactively test the needs of your coworkers, come up with smarter offers and ensure that your coworkers feel appreciated in the process.

Sound like a plan? Let’s take you on a short tour along the 4 subsections: Members, Revenue, Attendance and Bookings.


Seeing as this is your no. 1 concern, we’ve put it right at the top of your list. Make sure you know what your member base consists of and how it relates to your space.

What percentage of your users have monthly subscriptions and how many day-pass users are there? Are members sticking to their initial plan, or are they upgrading, downgrading or even deleting their membership? Might there be any cause for concern in that respect? Are new members as active as you would expect them to be?

The Members subsection also compares the current figures to those of the previous month. In this manner, you can keep track of how your member base is evolving and behaving, and use this information to decide what needs your proactive attention.


Ever wonder which of your activities or offers is the most profitable? Check out the Revenue subsection to see how your revenue breaks down exactly. A great way to see what efforts are paying off and which activities might best be redesigned or ceased altogether.


So your coworkers might have a membership plan, but are they actually showing up and making full use of it? And on which days are they in, typically? Might attendance give you an indication of the background to the current up- or downgrade action? Do your full-time coworkers typically show up every day, and to what extent do part-time members finish up all their day passes? Might you be able to respond with a better membership plan format?


Finally, this subsection gives you a good overview of how your coworkers are using the resources that you offer via the Booking Calendar. How frequently are your resources booked and does this correspond to your expectations? For instance, is there a particular resource that is pretty much continually reserved? Then you might want to increase its availability or change the conditions for its availability. Is there a resource that is hardly ever used? You might want to consider leaving this out or adapting it to your coworkers’ needs.

So in the end, it’s all about the trend ;-) Keep up to date and make sure you know what is going on in your coworking space, so you can respond with appropriate action. The Analytics will give you all the tools to monitor unexpected developments and will point you to the area that needs further investigation. As always, Cobot is here to assist!


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