Welcome to Hannover, a beautiful city known worldwide: home of Edelstall!

Apr 20, 2015

Day by day, our global Cobot community is growing, and you’ll find interesting people and projects behind the scenes everywhere. Today we’d like to present the coworking space Edelstall, one of the oldest members of Cobot, having begun to use the software in 2011.

Many thanks to Johannes Buchholz, managing director at Edelstall, for taking the time to answer our questions!


Let’s have a look at who’s behind this ambitious community… One thing is clear: the Edelstall team is very energetic.


Once you enter the space, you’ll be abuzz with the positive energy and passion for getting things done that the space and its coworkers emit.


Big windows and a generous room provide an inspiring atmosphere of free exchange, flooded with daylight. Things are getting done here for sure. The 175 square metre space can accommodate roughly 30 people with fixed and flex desks to work from, with a meeting room that seats up to six people, for discussions in smaller groups.

Currently, Edelstall has more than 160 active members: a mix of designers, filmmakers, developers, startups, and folks from other fields. An impressive number of community events take place as well, like weekly community breakfasts….


or the Zwölkontakt Coworker show and tell, not to mention quarterly out of the box events, where designers improvise presentations with unknown objects others have hidden in a box before the event. These events have proven to be successful icebreakers and are just a few of many things going on at Edelstall.

Even outside the space, the team of Edelstall is engaged in various initiatives. At the beginning of this year, the Edelstall team came up with Edelstall Futur, a new platform for innovation and education. Hendrik Schwedt is the head of this initiative, regularly organizing events, workshops, labs, and projects with educational content, a number of them in cooperation with companies and institutions. “The future of education and work, economy, cities and society, creative working hypotheses and methods, as well as innovational thinking are the main topics of Edelstall Futur”, says Hendrik.

In February, during Effectuation day, Edelstall brought together freelancers, project managers, entrepreneurs, and executives to talk about how startup founders can get their ideas off the drawing board and into the real world. The event was well-received from both attendees and the media, and certainly will not be the last of its kind.

In March, during CeBit 2015, Edelstall and local partners organised the #weclash festival. #weclash was a full week of parties, exchange and experience. Edelstall organized several events to bring together locals and trade fair visitors, from a Bitcoin Meetup to the Startup Meetup. During the week, Edelstall also offered free coworking and breakfast for all trade fair visitors.


Well, the list of amazing things happening at Edelstall could be continued… Make sure to have a look for yourself while visiting Hannover! To get a tour, you can sign up here.

Enjoy, and pass on our regards to Johannes and his team!

Your Cobot team


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