Product Updates

Time Zones and the start of the work day

Aug 24, 2010

Two changes for today: from now on cobot supports time zones. That means if you run a coworking space with a significant time offset to UTC, cobot’s days now actually end according to your local time and now a few hours off.

To set your time zone go to the Space Settings tab and select your time zone from the drop down.

The most important consequence is that day tickets and the days on limited plans are now valid for the correct time and don’t end either a few hours before or after the local end of day.

Which brings us two change number 2: previously days ended on midnight. But work days don’t necessarily end on midnight, especially if your space has 24/7 access.

Instead we decided the end of the work day to be 4am — a time most people should have stopped working and also not yet started again. This means day tickets are now valid until 4am the next morning.

This is another step to make cobot more robust for the international coworking scene. If you think your space needs more head to the feedback forum and vote on new features. Otherwise just sign up and test cobot for free for 30 days.


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