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Stripe Lowers Prices for EU & GoCardless Expansion

Dec 11, 2015
Stripe Lowers Prices for EU & GoCardless Expansion

Great news from

For all Stripe users in EU countries: effective December 9th, your price for using Stripe has been lowered to 1.40% + 25 cents for all European cards and 2.90% + 25 cents for all non-European cards.

If you’re already using Stripe for your Cobot account, there’s no action necessary since the new price will automatically apply to your account. If you are in the EU and using a different service to collect payments, you may want to reconsider using Stripe for processing your Cobot credit card payments!

This change happened due to EU regulation changes that allowed Stripe to simplify their pricing between EU countries and pass those savings on to their customers.

European Expansion of

GoCardless has announced that they are also open for business in Spain, Netherlands and Sweden. In case you don’t know, Gocardless is an automated direct-debit solution which is also fully integrated with Cobot.

How Cobot works with payment providers

The third pillar of our Cobot manifesto is excellence over versatility. This is why we choose to work with a few well-integrated and trusted payment providers rather than trying to work with everyone out there.

When selecting payment providers, our two primary criteria are competitive pricing for our spaces and a simple process for linking that account to Cobot. With both Stripe and GoCardless, we already offer a one-step sign-up process from directly within Cobot.

We are constantly working to make Cobot a simple and smooth experience for our spaces!

Last but not least: a reminder about volume discounts

As a reminder to our larger spaces, most of our payment providers also offer volume discounts. For instance, Stripe will provide a custom quote above 30,000EUR/month. Don’t forget to ask!

We love a bit of good news to carry us into the weekend, and today we had double-dip!

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