Smarter Time Passes

Nov 07, 2014

Since introducing time passes, coworking spaces using Cobot have been able to handle part-time memberships as well as drop-ins easily. Time passes can last for a full day, parts of a day (e.g. morning pass, afternoon pass, night pass) or for a set duration, which makes them very flexible.

A device from a time before coworking was invented.

With our latest release they’ve become even better: Cobot is now smart about choosing which time pass to use and even gives back used passes when appropriate:

Suppose your space has day passes (valid 10am-8pm) for $25 each as well as half day passes (valid either 10–3pm or 3pm-8pm) for $15 each. If someone wants to work either in the morning or the afternoon they have to pay $15 — simple so far.

But what if they come in in the morning using a half-day pass and then decide to stay longer? Before, Cobot would have taken 2 half-day passes, one in the morning and then another in the afternoon, charging the member a total of $30 even though a day pass would have been cheaper. Now, when the afternoon comes, Cobot figures out the cheapest combination of passes automatically, gives them back the half-day pass and uses the $25 day pass instead.

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