Product Updates

Small improvement: ordering plans differently

Aug 26, 2015

Not a week goes by without improving Cobot! This week we wanted to support space managers with a small but very helpful improvement, since we’ve received a few requests for it lately. People were asking whether it’s possible to list their plans in a different order on their Plans and Pricing pages, rather than by price, as it was until now. We were happy to accommodate these requests! Go ahead and try out how, for example, this sorting function can help to improve your sales.

Highlight your favorite plans or seasonal offers by placing them at the top of the list. This will be the first thing your coworkers see when they sign up, on the Plans and Pricing page, or, if they are already a member and want to change their plan, when they open the list of available plans in the menu Membership > Plans.

You as an admin of your space can sort your plans by going to Setup > Plans. Change a plan’s position by clicking on the “move up” or ”move down” buttons. You can see how it looks here:


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