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Signing up coworkers

Mar 18, 2011

Different coworking spaces have different ways of signing up coworkers. Here are the most popular ones that we have encountered so far and how to implement them with cobot.

Coworkers sign up online

This method takes off most of the workload for the manager, but it’s also not very personal and you might give away an opportunity to get to know your new coworker better.

This is how it works: After you have set up your coworking space you direct your new coworkers to <your_space_name> There they can sign up for for your space. In the process they enter their contact details and choose a plan and payment method.

After the coworker is finished you get an email notification and you then have to either confirm or reject the membership on the coworkers page.

Once confirmed the coworker gets an email and can now start working at your space.

Manager signs up coworkers + sends invite

With this method the space manager does all the work. If you don’t want your coworkers to having to go through the signup process themselves or even want to use cobot without bothering your coworkers with it at all this is for you.

To add a coworker to the system there is an “Add Coworker” button on the coworkers page. There you enter their contact details and choose a plan and payment method.

Should you decide to let your coworkers use cobot directly you can invite them to the site using the “Connect” button on the coworker’s page.

Manager and coworker sit together

We added this just a few days ago. In this scenario a manager of the space and the coworker sit together in front of a computer (if you’re looking for a reason to buy an iPad 2 — this would be the ideal device) and go through the signup process together.

As before you add the coworker through the “Add Coworker” button and enter their details. Instead of sending them an invite you can immediately register the coworker’s user account by again clicking on “Connect”, and then switching to the “Add User” tab, where you can enter their login, email and password.


Depending on their culture and community coworking spaces have different ways to cater to their coworker’s needs. We are making cobot more and more flexible to take these needs into account.


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