Product Updates

Resource Management and Booking

Oct 15, 2010

Today we are rolling out another often requested feature: resource management and booking.

Many coworking spaces not only offer desks and wifi, but also additional resources that people can either use for free or pay for. These can be (meeting) rooms, equipment like projectors or laptops or anything else that is shared amongst coworkers.

By their nature the availability of most of these resources is limited, e.g. only one person/team can use the meeting room at a time.

This makes it necessary to plan who can use which resource and when. A simple approach to this is to use a shared calendar where people create an event when they need something.

And that’s what the cobot booking calendar essentially is. In addition, it knows about the coworkers and the resources, which makes booking easier than using a generic calendar.

On top of that, as a space manager, you can put a price tag on each hour a resource is used. Cobot will then automatically charge coworkers when it sends out their next invoice.

If you want to learn more, we have set up a Managing Resources Guide that explains how it all works.

Please note that this is only the first version of the resource management feature. We already have plans to extend it (e.g. included meeting room hours in plan x). If you have any suggestions and what could be added or improved please let us know.


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