Product Updates

Recent additions: Booking Calendar, API

Apr 24, 2012

With all the big news about our redesign and the subsequent addition of customizable home pages a few other additions have gone unnoticed.

First we have finally upgraded our booking calendar to support bookings shorter than one hour. Before the upgrade a booking had to start and end at the full hour — now you can select any 5 minute interval. Of course the bookings are billied accordingly, so if a resource costs $20/h and a member books it for 15 minutes she only pays $5.

Our second addition is for the developers: we have expanded our API to support webhooks. Webhooks allow other applications or websites to subscribe to certain events on cobot and then be notified through a POST call to a URL.

Whereas before you had to poll our API for example for new members you can now be notified — it’s not only less resource intensive, it’s also faster as the notifications happen (almost) instantly. This opens new possibilites for apps, for example showing real time statistics about attendance or adding new members to the coworking space’s chat room or newsletter the moment they sign up (Mailchimp integration anyone?).

Currently supported events are confirmed_membership and created_invoice. More will follow soon — let us know what you need. Here’s the webhooks API documentation.

We’re looking forward to more amazing apps being built.


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