Product Updates

Quick update: New option for Booking Credits

Sep 23, 2016

We are always looking forward to listening and working with you on building features that will make managing coworking spaces even easier, and today’s update to Cobot brings a long-awaited request to the Booking Credits section:

We’ve added a drop-down menu that gives an additional option for booking credits to be assigned by an amount of money.

With this update, managing spaces that have several resources with different pricings becomes a lot easier. Before, Booking Credits allowed you to include a certain number of hours in a member’s plan, which they could use to book resources such as meeting rooms, projectors, etc. But let’s say you have two meeting rooms in your coworking space, but one is significantly larger, so the hourly price is higher than the other. In this scenario, if members had 3 hours of Booking Credits they could use it book either the large or the small room, which wasn’t very fair.

This new option simplifies these cases by letting admins choose how they want to assign Booking Credits,either by hours -as before- or by a monetary value. Members will also benefit from using this new feature, as they will now be able to save credits by using a cheaper room, or avoid the feeling that they are wasting credits if the bigger rooms are already booked and they have to use another space.


See you again very soon for some more updates we’ve worked on throughout this month. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to reach out.

Until then, happy Coworking!


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