Product Updates

Presence tracking is there

May 6, 2010

Just now we deployed a new addition to the Analytics section of the admin dashboard. Previously you could already track the turnover of your coworking space over the months. Now you can also do presence tracking.

Presence tracking for our space co.up

That means cobot will show you how many of your coworkers actually come to work each day. Why is this important to know?

Take our own space: it’s relatively small (space for ~20 people), and a few months ago we announced the space was full. Turns out it’s not. While we do have as many coworker on the list as we have desks, a lot of them simply don’t show up every day.

Until now we didn’t really know how many more we could fit in without actually overbooking the space, because it would have been too cumbersome to count people every day. But now the numbers are just there and we are able to sign up new coworkers.

In case you are wondering how cobot is able to count the people in your space: no, we don’t have secret surveillance cameras. For this to work you have to use another cobot feature called RADIUS authentication — it has a scary name, but what it does is, it asks everyone at your space to log into cobot every day before they get access to the internet — and when they log in we bump up a counter.

If you want to use presence tracking and/or RADIUS (also great for ensuring people pay their rent, otherwise no internet) at your space please contact us so we can help you with the setup.


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