Product Updates

One Time Charges

Jul 22, 2010

Coworking space not only offer desk space, most of us also offer a few services on top. This can be permanent things like a locker, but also one time things like renting a meeting room or space for an event.

We’ve covered the first already a while ago. Today we are releasing One time Charges, which allow you to charge your coworkers for anything that isn’t happening on a regular basis.

The process to charge is very simple: as a space admin go to the coworkers page, from there to the page of the coworker you want to charge. There’s a new form near the button that lets you enter an amount and a description — done.

The charge will appear on the coworker’s next invoice.

For a more detailed tutorial and screenshots see the One time Charges Guide.

As with many features this also came from our feedback forum. If you have a feature request please go there and start voting. We are listening, really.


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