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October 2023 Cobot Updates

Nov 23, 2023
October 2023 Cobot Updates

Hi there,

We’re wrapping up October with our monthly update for you. Here’s what’s new in Cobot:

Pay Later for External Bookings

Introducing Pay Later for External Bookings!

Visitors can make a booking and authorize the amount on their credit card for later payment. Space operators enjoy the flexibility of updating the invoice as needed, like adding catering or services to the order, or making last-minute changes even while or after the booking is happening.

Once the bill is final, admins can go ahead and charge the due amount. No more additional invoices and running after late payments.

Improved External Bookings UI

Ever struggled to find a pending request for an external booking, or to quickly see its invoicing status?

Search no more!

We've enhanced the design of our External Bookings across the entire app. This helps you to quickly understand the various settings, including making resources available for non-member bookings. The public link to a resource is now also easier to find and comes with a handy copy-to-clipboard function.

Swiss QR Bill Support

Cobot now supports the Swiss QR Bill!

With a QR code included on each invoice, members and visitors can easily make bank transfers by scanning it.

Syncing Members and Contacts

If a new contact is created in Cobot – either automatically through incoming bookings and drop-ins, or manually – we check if an active, uncanceled membership with the same email address already exists. In that case, the contact is automatically linked to the membership, so you can easily spot duplicates.

Embedded Zapier

Are you already using Zapier, or have always been curious what it does?

Zapier helps you to connect Cobot with thousands of apps, and create automation workflows in just a few clicks – so-called “zaps”. No programming experience needed. And working with your zaps just got a bit more convenient. Zapier is now directly embedded in Cobot.

Find all available Cobot zaps and your own zaps right under Setup » Zapier.

Automatic Member Reactivation in Salto

Saving a few clicks for our spaces by integrating Salto KS: when a member is reactivated on Cobot, they are now automatically re-added to Salto.

sevDesk Invoice Synchronization

More features for our sevDesk integration: Besides members and customer numbers, you are now also able to sync Cobot invoices to sevDesk.

We hope you enjoy the changes, and we'll be back again next month with another round of updates.

Happy coworking!

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See you next month, happy coworking!


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