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November 2022 Cobot Updates

Nov 30, 2022
November 2022 Cobot Updates

Falling leaves, shorter days, and dropping temperatures define November in Berlin. But what defines November at Cobot is a drive to get new and improved features out of the door in time for the holidays. It’s our gift to you! So what’d we add this November?

External Bookings Improvements

Easier membership conversion

External bookings are a great source for finding leads. Many of the people who book your resources will soon see what makes your space special—and they may want to move from being a visitor to being a full-fledged member! Now when you go to a booking and select convert to a member, you’ll save some extra time with pre-filled membership fields based on any input visitor data.

Required phone number

Want to have a direct line to every visitor, just in case? If you would like to require that visitors use a phone number when registering an external booking, we can do that for you! Simply reach out to our support team and we can turn this feature on in your space.

Integration Updates

Salto auto-connect

For spaces using Salto’s access control solution, it’s time to save some time. There is now a checkbox in Salto to automatically connect new Cobot members to Salto for a streamlined onboarding experience.


Invoices can be a drag, but they don’t have to be. GetMyInvoices is a portal where both admins and members can setup automatic imports of receipts, invoices and documents from various tools and apps into one dashboard. You can find more info in our Help Center and set it up in their GetMyInvoices dashboard.

General Updates

Editing Customer Numbers

Keep a better handle on your records. All admins can now edit their members’ customer numbers for better record-keeping. You can find this feature in a member’s profile under Edit > Contact Details.

Improved member booking navigation

For many Cobot-powered spaces, member bookings are the core of day-to-day interactions with the system. It’s now easier for your members to find! Members see the link to make bookings directly in the sidebar on their dashboard.

Message recipient autocomplete

Connecting with your members doesn’t have to be a chore! Get a streamlined experience sending out messages with autocomplete in the recipients field.

Invoice PDFs

Invoice PDFs now have more information for your recordkeeping, including headers and a new column Unit Amount. Your admins can now see the base unit price alongside the total spent on member invoices.

That’s it for this month, happy coworking!


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