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November 2019 Cobot Updates

Dec 2, 2019
November 2019 Cobot Updates

It may not exactly be November anymore, but we have a good reason for missing our usual publishing time at the end of the month: Last Friday we were at a demonstration demanding action to combat climate change!

Our values determine everything we do at Cobot. Whether it’s supporting the Coworking Code of Conduct or analyzing our own sustainability, we’re determined to demonstrate the values we want to see in the coworking community. If you want resources to help make your space sustainable, we’ve put together some ideas to help get you started.

Now back to our regularly-scheduled updates!

A pop-up coworking zone at the protest hosted by Entrepreneurs for Future

Cobot Updates

So what have we been working on besides improving our environmental impact? To start, we’ve been working on improving our documentation and support for the IronWifi integration. You can already see some of the improvements if you log in to your Cobot account and check Setup » Wifi Integration.

We’ve also updated our ezeep integration to better handle free print quotas. If you want to allow your members a fixed amount of “free” pages before being charged, that is now supported. For more information on setting up a wifi integration, please visit our FAQ page.

Events and Conferences

Coworking never stands still, which is why we make it our mission to attend and participate in as many events as we can and report our findings back to you!

Warsaw is the fastest growing coworking market in the European Union, which made it an apt location for Coworking Europe 2019. At the Cobot pop-up coworking booth we worked shoulder-to-shoulder with professionals who are reshaping the European coworking community every day. And we brought a very special guest: The one-and-only Cobot!

The Cobot is a natural traveler and loves to cowork from interesting spaces

GCUC Canada was held at a library this year, masterfully exploring the relationship between public and private community spaces and what they can both learn from each other.

Have you ever begun a conference by linking arms with your fellow attendees? We did at Cowork Buzz in Portugal! Under the unifying theme “Coworking is the New Black” we saw examples of how coworking is reshaping cities and people all across the world. It was a shockingly international conference and we can’t wait to go back next year.

Other Info

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Happy Coworking!


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