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Meet the new fresh faces at Cobot

Sep 11, 2017
Meet the new fresh faces at Cobot

Meet the fresh new faces at Cobot

…not only on our website but also on our team!

With our previous blogpost “Let’s talk about that tweet”, you were able to get a brief insight into the clever minds behind Cobot. So you have met part of the developer team already. (Thank you btw for all the supportive feedback and countless retweets on twitter. You are awesome!)

Now we would like to introduce you to our newest team members: meet Ben, Anita and Lucie!

Ben never loses sight of the big picture

Ben |

Here we have Ben, our expert on numbers. As a studied philosopher, he is able to keep a cool head and his eye on the big picture when it comes to Cobots analytical paths.
Ben loves playing video games. Prior to Cobot, he turned his passion into a profession when he started his career as a sales analyst at Take-Two Interactive, the publisher behind Rockstar Games and 2K. Coming from New York (United States) Ben decided to broaden his horizons in Amsterdam, by working as an Insights Analyst for Advanced Advertising. We are happy to have been able to convince him to leave that lovely Dutch city for Berlin. His previous experience is our gain and once more you are in good hands.

“At Cobot I want to make your day as intuitive as possible while managing your communities with our software”, he explains. For us, Ben will explore how we can measure the information Cobot generates to make quantitatively-driven business decisions you can benefit from.

If you want to say “hello” to Ben, here is how you can contact him.

“Sometimes, it feels like I’m getting paid to solve puzzles!” — meet Lucie

Lucie |

Some of you may know Lucie as part of the CSSconf EU conference team or from other Berlin tech events. At Cobot, Lucie is contributing her expertise as a Frontend Developer focussed on JavaScript. “Programming is creative, requires an eye for detail and gets me in this state of mind where not a lot things can distract me”, she says about her work. “Also it opens up a way to work together with others on a task that I have never experienced in any other kind of work. It’s like thinking together.”
Before deciding on a career in tech, Lucie studied film and media theory as well as German and children’s literature. Once her studies were complete, she went on to work as a media educator and online editor. A move to Berlin exposed her to its lively tech community and helped her find the courage for a career change: “I knew deep down that I’d love to be able to program and had thought about it for years since computers and the internet had always been a big part of my life. I just didn’t know how and where to start.” After her first coding experience at a Rails Girls workshop, Lucie’s goal to become a developer was set. She later decided to specialise in JavaScript and Frontend. Having made her way as a self-taught developer, she tries to encourage other people to learn how to code and strives to make the tech community a welcoming place. Her current project at Cobot is improving the invoicing feature (stay tuned for news here on the blog).

Interested in learning more about Lucie? check out the links below:
Twitter: @autofocus

“I really like making things work by writing pretty code” — hello from Anita

Anita |

Anita is the newest member joining the Cobot developer team. Her interactions with Rails Girls Berlin four years ago lead her to start programming. “Since the beginning I focused more on the backend part because I really enjoy making things work as well as playing with data”, she says. You can read more about her way into programming on the Rails Girls Berlin website.

Coming from Wałbrzych (Poland), she has called Berlin her home for 6 years now. Before Cobot she used to work in corporate companies as well as startups in various business areas, such as banking, internet security and hospitality. Anita is working on the Cobot backend, driving forward your frequently requested features and API endpoints. When Cobot gets a hiccup, she is one of the helping hands fixing the bugs.

If you would like to reach out to Anita, you can find her here:
Twitter: @anitajaszewska
Linked In:

… and btw, did you notice that we have new photos of our smiling faces? Curious, who else is on our team? Feel free to check out our website.

Would you like to join the crew? See how you can come on board:

Happy coworking, everyone!


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