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New login option: let your coworker choose which day pass should be used

Jul 27, 2015

For most of us, one of the best benefits of coworking is being flexible in our decisions where to work, when, and with whom. You don’t have to rush to the office just to be there right on time, but rather can come in whenever you want and find yourself a cozy place to get started. With plenty of options, like half- or full-day passes, coworking spaces all over the world offer a great choice of suitable work environments for different types of coworkers. For example, for coworkers who are often stuck in meetings or have to travel a lot, part-time plans and flexible day passes could be important.

That’s why Cobot has another new tweak, helping to keep your coworking as flexible as possible: when your coworker logs in to Cobot at your space, they can now choose which of their day passes they would like to use for the day’s work.

Imagine your coworker’s morning is full of appointments across the city and they plan to join your coworking space only in the afternoon. A half day pass might be the right choice here. Or maybe your coworker’s meeting will take place in your space and he or she wants to bring a friend or client, too. In this case, a day pass which includes bringing a guest would be perfect!

Well, whatever range of coworking passes you offer, Cobot now makes it even easier to let your coworker choose which one fits the best on their own. The selection option is now included as part of the users’ check-in. Here’s what it looks like:

Happy coworking!


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