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New Features: Net/Gross prices, PDF Invoices

Aug 20, 2010
New Features: Net/Gross prices, PDF Invoices

Today we are introducing a couple of features to help use cobot in different countries.

The first is the ability to show all prices of a space as either net or gross amounts. While for example in the U.S. it’s rather typical to quote net prices (and add taxes when checking out), in Germany and other European countries the law dictates to show gross prices (including taxes).

From now as a space admin you can choose what is appropriate for your space. Just go to the space settings page, scroll down to the Payments settings and choose either net or gross. From then on all the prices will be displayed appropriately, with a tooltip that indicates the tax rate.

Secondly invoices are now sent out as PDFs. When coworkers get an invoice from your space the PDF will be attached. You can also download the PDFs via the Invoices section.

This requirement comes again from Germany/the EU which require electronic invoices to be non-changeable documents (which apparently PDFs are). Actually they even have to be digitally signed, but that is about to change, so our PDF invoices are not signed.

We hope this will make it easier for many spaces to adop cobot. Of course we are not stopping here. Next up are for example time zone support.

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