Product Updates

New Features: Limited Plans, Guides, Invoicing

Apr 1, 2010

The last 2 weeks have been very productive and we’ve been able to release a number of new features. Before selecting the ones to implement we took a good look at our uservoice feedback forum. The top requested ones were limited plans and invoicing so we did those two.

In addition we added a large section of guides/how-tos that we hope will help new coworking spaces to understand how cobot can help them save effort and costs when running their space.

Limited Plans

This was the top requested feature and here is how it works: many coworking spaces offer a plan where people can only work for a limited number of days per week/month. If they need more days they can buy day tickets on top of that plan. Cobot now lets you set a day limit on any plan and a price for day tickets.

In addition space owners can track the usage of days/day tickets with the new check-in feature. Every day a coworker on a limited plan comes to work they can check into the space by clicking a button. This way the coworker and owner always know how many days are left. Of course if you as the owner don’t trust your coworkers you can check them in yourself.

For more details see the Limited Plans and Day Ticket guides.


Feature number 2 on the list. Previously space owners could already track payments and coworkers would see when their next payment was due. Now — after the coworking space owner enables it — cobot automatically sends out invoices every month via email. Commenters already suggested that cobot should integrate with invoicing services such as BlinkSale. If you would like to see that, too please head over to the feedback foum, vote on the feature and tell us which invoicing service you are using.

Once again, for a step by step guide with screenshots check out the invoicing guide.

If you have any questions, want to use cobot or just like the service please leave a comment. Or sign up straight away. You can try out cobot for free with up to 5 coworkers.


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