Product Updates

New Feature: Plans with Extras

Jul 7, 2010

It was the most requested feature in our feedback forum, and today we are releasing it: from now payment plans can have extras.

Most coworking spaces offer a number of different plans, mostly based on the time coworkers can work per month, but also on things like 9 to 5 vs. 24/7 access or fixed vs. flexible desk. This was already covered by the plans we supported from the start on, including limited plans and day tickets.

In addition, many spaces offer different kinds of extras on top of those plans. Those can range from lockers and coffee subscriptions to meeting room access and parking lots. Previously there was no way to model this in cobot, unless you created a plan for every possible combination of plans and extras.

Well, fear no more, now you can. To offer extras on your existing plans just edit them, and there is a new section conveniently called Extras which you can open by clicking on it. Each extras has a name and a price. After you have added an extra to a plan, when a new coworker signs up (or an existing coworker changes her plan), she sees a checkbox for every extra available. The price for the extras she selects is added on top of the usual monthly price.

For more information we have updated the plans guide with new screenshots and instructions.

If you have any questions, feedback or problems with the new extras or anything else, please contact me at alex [at] cobot [dot] me or head over to our feedback forum.


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