Product Updates

New Captive Portal Pages

May 29, 2012

Cobot allows coworking spaces to hook up their wifi to the cobot servers. This enables them to control who gets access to their wifi and it automatically uses time passes for members with a part time or drop in plan. The way it works is that when a coworker connects to the space’s wifi she sees a login page (called a captive portal) where she has to enter her cobot credentials.

Spaces can download this login page from cobot (under Setup/Radius) and then have to upload it to their wifi router.

As of today we have a new login page available for download that does away with a few usability problems of the old version:

  • The signup link for new members is now much easier to find.
  • In case logging in fails we have an actual error page now that lists the potential problems along with instructions on how to proceed.

If you are using our Captive Portal feature please download the new forms. If you’re not using it yet here’s some more information.


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