Product Updates

Managing Payments just became much easier

Sep 14, 2010

I have personally been quite longing for this to come out. One of the main use cases for our coworking space co.up is managing our coworkers’ payments. Since we don’t offer credit card payments we have to manually track who paid how much and when.

Previously there was only a simple Mark Paid button that would indicate wether a coworker had already paid for a specific month. This implementation had two problems:

  • Nobody understood that this button’s state (paid/unpaid) referred to the currently selected month. At the beginning of the month all buttons would switch back to unpaid and people were wondering what had happened
  • You couldn’t track when a specific payment was made. This resulted in confusion wether a payment belonged to this or that month, so we ended up ticking off 2 months with a single payment or the other way round.

This is how the new interface looks like:

After you click on the Payments link next to a coworker this overlay pops up. Here you can see immediately see for which months a coworker has paid and when. Entering a new payment is as simple as clicking on a month and choosing the date.

We do realize that what used to be a single click is now 5 clicks, so the new interface does require more effort. On the other hand it has become much more clear what is happening, and being able to track the date of payments is (according to support requests) something a lot of spaces find very useful.

On another note we released about a ton of smaller usability improvements, be it small hints here and there, better wording, automatic time zone detection or layout changes. Have fun.

P.S.: for more take a look at the updated coworkers guide.


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