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July 2021 Cobot Updates

Sam Bender
Jul 30, 2021
July 2021 Cobot Updates

Our latest additions from July are all about making life easier for Cobot users through improved invoicing, better navigation, and more customization. Find out how these can help your coworking or flex space by reading on!

Improved invoice item grouping

No more confused members wondering about the breakdown of their booking credits vs. usage. We’ve consolidated bookings and booking credits into one line item on your invoices, making it easier to see credits applied to applicable bookings.

Check out the bottom item to see the consolidated line item!

The backbone of most flex spaces are resources! They encompass desks, meeting rooms, tool benches, cooking equipment, and so much more. As resources have become such an instrumental part of Cobot-powered spaces, we decided that they needed to take up a larger part of the interface as well.

Resources is now a dedicated menu item in the main navigation! Your admins will have a much simpler time navigating between key parts of your dashboard.

As well as the new menu item, we added visual improvements including better usage of sidebar space and improved color contrast for better legibility.

See the new Resources menu item on the left

Feature Switches

The "Hide booking details from other members" feature switch has moved. You can now find this under Customize » Features » Hiding Features. You can find more info on this and other feature switches in this guide.


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