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July 2019 Cobot Updates

Jul 30, 2019
July 2019 Cobot Updates

How’s your summer been? We’ve been using our time to make Cobot’s features more intuitive and powerful; this month we’ve improved our new trial onboarding, language support, regular support, and the clarity of some already-included features.

Renewal Date

For user clarity, we’ve renamed Invoice Date to Renewal Date and moved it to the membership section. It’s been, and continues to be, a useful existing feature. But we found that the original name and placement was causing confusion among our users; it more accurately changes the renewal date, not the invoice date, as members can still be invoiced before the newly-selected date for other services.

The newly named/placed Renewal Date

Booking Calendar Available in Japanese

The booking calendar has been translated into Japanese! This won’t affect most spaces — but it’s a big deal for our Japanese-speaking ones.

The announcement of Cobot’s new Japanese Booking Calendar

New Support Tools

We’ve expanded our support tools to enable quicker, more responsive, and more targeted answers to user questions. This new element of our support system will recognize common (and some less-common) questions and provide tailored answers immediately. We’ll be getting feedback on this process and continuing to improve its success rate.

Interface Changes

Adding resources to a category now includes images of the resource and it’s easier to select the exact resources you want included. It’s a small, but useful, change to the interface. As your space grows and your options grow, good organization will keep your operations running smoothly.

Resource category interface change

Trial Spaces Improvements

We’ve made a number of updates to our trial spaces, including new copy and several product tours. Previously, we provided support and in-depth guides to getting started — but not within the app itself when a new trial space was created. Now our trial spaces are given a starting introduction in-app and directed to useful guides for getting started.

Now you’re greeted in-app when you start a trial space

And finally, have you gotten a chance to read our series on the origin story of coworking? We talked with experts around the world to see what they think of the way that coworking has been portrayed in popular culture, and what that means for the image of our industry. It’s part of a larger debate within the coworking community — weigh in with your thoughts in the comments!

If you aren’t already using Cobot as your coworking management software, give it a go! You’ll find that our features can help you run your coworking space more effectively and grow your community. Just sign up for a free trial or a live demo session. And if you have questions, our support team is all ears!

Happy Coworking!


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