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January 2024 Cobot Updates

Feb 2, 2024
January 2024 Cobot Updates

Hi there,

We're kicking off the year with a host of new features for you! Here are the highlights of what we've released in January.


Contact Tags: Track Your Contacts With Custom Tags

With the new contact tags, it's now easier to track your visitors and leads on Cobot throughout their journey.

Contacts are now automatically tagged when they make an external booking or purchase a drop-in pass for the first time, or when they are manually added by admins. You can also add your own custom tags. To help you find a visitor or group, contacts can now be filtered by tags, both automatic and custom.

Visitors Can Now Buy Multiple Drop-in Passes

Visitors can now change the number of passes and purchase more than one pass at a time during checkout. This is useful, for example, if someone wants to buy passes for the whole team working together that day.

More passes, more revenue!

Improved Confirmation Page for Visitors

We have improved the confirmation page when visitors make a booking or purchase a drop-in pass. In particular, the confirmation page for booking requests now provides clearer information, emphasizing that it is a request and outlining the next steps, thanks to refined copy and visual elements.

Tax ID Field for On-Demand Products

You can now enable a field (under Customize » Features) for visitors to enter their tax ID when making an external booking or purchasing a drop-in pass. This is important for countries where this is legally required, and also useful for accounting purposes.


Create Your Own Triggers With Our Zapier Integration 2.0

Our Zapier integration has undergone significant changes behind the scenes. The primary change is that the code powering the integration is now open-source, allowing any developer to enhance it with new triggers and features.

This change also facilitates us in adding to and extending the integration with ease.

Sync Invoice PDFs to sevDesk

Our sevDesk integration now uploads the invoice PDFs from Cobot to SevDesk, making accounting easier.


Visual Improvements in the Setup Section

All pages in the Setup section have been overhauled for visual consistency.

The forms should now feel cleaner and easier to scan.

Public Checkbox for Help Desk Guides

You can now decide whether the Help Desk Guides of your space should be publicly available or not.

All you need to do is check the box when editing or creating a Help Desk Guide. Public ones now also have a 'copy public link' button.

Tapkey Integration 2024 Update

Cobot's integration with Tapkey smart access technology has been updated!

There have been many improvements to our integration with Tapkey this month, such as improved security and authorization, ensuring peace of mind. Make sure to check out Tapkey's comprehensive integration video for more information here.

And that concludes our January update, we look forward to sharing our next round of updates, in February

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