Product Updates

Invoicing API

Jul 14, 2010

Cobot has supported automated invoicing for the monthly rent payments and day tickets for a while. As we are aware this invoicing support is quite limited. You can’t customize the invoices, there is no search etc. It is not our intention to add all the missing features and customizations any time soon. Instead, if you want fancy invoices we encourage you to use an external service like blinksale or salesking.

In order to still have everything work automagically, cobot and the invoicing service need to be integrated, so that when cobot decides it’s time for a new invoice it can tell the other service.

Now we could go and integrate all the invoicing services out there all by ourselves, but that would take way too much time from all the other exciting stuff we are working on.

Instead, starting today you can access the invoices of your space using our API. In order to integrate with your favorite invoicing service you still need someone to write a small script that reads the cobot invoices and puts them into the other service.

Please, if you have a working script drop me an email so we can share it with everyone else.

We also added a checkbox to the invoice settings that hides the cobot invoices from your coworkers. After you check that your coworkers won’t see any invoices from cobot and the external service can handle everything.

P.S. we have a support chat now. Come chat.


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