Product Updates

Improvements for included Time Passes

Mar 18, 2014

We recently improved the way we handle new members whose plan includes times passes.

On Cobot a plan can have a number of time passes included either per week or per month. For example a part time plan could include 12 days per month, or a ‘getting started’ plan could include 1 day pass per week.

The improvements we made affect new members: if someone signs up on a Wednesday for a plan with 5 days/week included she now only gets 3 days (Wednesday to Friday). If someone signs up for a plan with time passes included per month we give him the passes for the rest of the month. We even take prorated invoices into account: If I sign up on the 10th and my first billing cycle starts on the 20th I only get enough time passes for those 10 days. Then on the 20th, when my first billing cycle starts, I get new time passes for that.

In addition we have improved the way the system renews time passes, which should make it more reliable and solve any problems with missing time passes that some spaces have experienced in the past.


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