Hourly time passes

May 13, 2014

Time passes just got an upgrade. Whereas before a time pass had to have a fixed start and end time, you can now add passes that have a duration instead.

If your coworking space is not just offering day passes but things like half-day or hourly passes Cobot will work better for you now. Before, if you wanted to have a 2h pass you had to create a time pass that was valid for all possible 2h slots of the day, e.g. 8–10, 9–11, 10–12, 11–1pm etc. Not only was this too complicated it also didn’t cover the case where somebody came in at 9:30 and want to be able to work until 11:30 with a 2h pass. The pass would have only been valid until 11.

Now you can create a time pass that is valid for 2 hours from the point it is used, so if a member comes into the space at 9:30 the pass will expire at 11:30 as expected.


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