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Happy International Women’s Day from the Cobot Team!

Mar 8, 2019
Happy International Women’s Day from the Cobot Team!

As of this year, March 8th is a public holiday here in Berlin and we’re using this day to recognize the many accomplishments and achievements of women worldwide.

But today is also the time to recognize the areas in which the world is still failing. Here in Germany women still make up only a third of leadership positions in business (the legally mandated amount). Across Europe, women earn on average 17% less than their male counterparts, but women in Germany earn 21.6% less, one of the worst results in the EU.

The results are even more disheartening in the tech industry. Only 21.26% of STEM grads in Germany are women. Only 16.58% of tech workers in Germany are women. And while these numbers vary from country to country, the story they tell is the same: Women are not adequately represented in tech, they earn less than their male counterparts, and occupy roles lower in the decision-making hierarchy.

At Cobot, we are proud to have a team made up of over 50% women and have women at every level of leadership. We know how unusual this is and believe that the current gender gap is unacceptable, which is why we’re constantly advocating for more women in tech via workshops, mentorships, and outreach programs.

Our values are part of our core belief in equality, accessibility, diversity, and inclusion, values that permeate our company culture and influence the way we develop our software.

Whatever you do to celebrate today, remember that women’s struggles are not an issue of the past and that we all need to do better at achieving parity and equality in all areas of society.

Happy coworking and happy Women’s Day!


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