Product Updates

Going international

Jul 6, 2011

From the beginning we wanted to make cobot available to the entire worldwide coworking community. Which is why we started the site in English. But English only gets us so far.

Now we are making the next step: translating cobot to more languages. We have been getting requests for translations into German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, even Mandarin. We are a small company, and we can’t afford to pay translators for all these languages. Instead we want to ask you — our users — to help us.

For that we have set up the translate cobot project. This website allows anyone to translate cobot into any language. The only thing you need is a (free) cobot account to sign in. After that you just choose your language and start translating. Of course you don’t have to translate all the texts yourself. Everything is split up into tiny chunks of a few words. How many of those you translate is up to you.

Our goal is to get a decent amount of text translated through this project. If necessary we will hire translators to do the rest.

If you want to see cobot translated into your language please check out the translate site right now. Please also join the cobot-i18n mailing list (I18n stands for internationalization). This is the first time we are doing this, so please tell us what you think.


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