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GoCardless now also partners with Cobot in Germany and France — and the European expansion will be continued

Sep 14, 2015

For almost two years, GoCardless has been one of Cobot’s trusted partners for direct debit payments in the UK. We’re happy to announce the expansion of this successful collaboration! As of now, our space managers in Germany and France can also use GoCardless to collect direct debit payments. We will keep you updated about additional countries as this partnership will be extended in Europe.


We recommend using GoCardless as a direct debit provider for several reasons: first of all, direct debit allows you as space manager to withdraw funds from your coworkers’ bank accounts whenever an invoice is on due, regardless if they are recurring or one-off payments, making sure that you will get paid on time. For your coworkers, the process is completely automated — they don’t have to worry about transfer dates, so their user experience in your space gets improved. No longer do either of you have to worry about late or failed payments.

Another advantage we’d like to point out are the unbeatable transfer costs: GoCardless comes with a transaction fee of 1% (with a maximum amount of 2 EUR), making it one the cheapest payment providers in Europe.

Last, but not least, the setup of a GoCardless account is simple and very user-friendly. With just a few clicks from your Cobot account, you as the administrator will have set up all the basics for your coworkers. Just click on Setup -> Automated Payments, then “Add payment method,” which takes you to our list of payment providers. Choose GoCardless and the following button will lead you directly to the sign-up.


For your coworkers, the setup is quite simple as well. When they log in to their account in your Cobot space they may choose direct debit as a payment method by clicking Membership -> Payment Method, choosing direct debit from the list of payment providers, which you as a space admin have set up. The button here will lead your coworker directly to the payment page, too. Here you just have to enter your name and account number and you are ready to go.

More information you will find at the GoCardless-blog, too.

We hope you’ll enjoy this expansion and it will make your daily tasks much easier.

Let us know if you have some feedback!


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