Product Updates

Email improvements

Apr 10, 2012

Email is cobot’s main communication tool. We use it to send invoices, to notify you of important events, and to facilitate communication between spaces and their members. Email is important for cobot.

Because of this, we get quite a few support requests regarding email. Either an email address has been misspelled on signup, or an overly sensitive spam filter bounces our emails (in which case we stop sending any to that address).

We started using Postmark very early on in order to address delivery problems. They are email experts and do a much better job of it than we ever could, but even Postmark can’t fix typos in email addresses.

To address this, we have made two changes:

The signup form now checks your email address for common mistakes. For example, if you type, it will suggest

If you still manage to smuggle your typo past the signup form and we notice the problem, cobot will now display a red bar at the top of every page, notifying you that there’s an issue to take care of, before any important emails are lost.

It’s our goal to make cobot as reliable as possible. We are hoping these small yet helpful changes will bring us closer to this goal yet!


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