Product Updates

Day Pass Discounts, Resource Vouchers, More

Jan 6, 2011

Day Pass Discounts

This has been one of the top requested features in our feedback forum. Many coworking spaces offer day passes in batches of 10 or more with a discount. Cobot now supports this.

To offer these discounts, add or edit a plan, open the Limited Usage Options panel and enter the number of passes and the price. Now when coworkers buy day passes they will see an option to buy at a discounted price.

Resource Vouchers

A while ago we added the booking calendar, which allows spaces to rent out rooms or gear on an hourly basis and charge coworkers for it. Now you can for example include a few hours of conference room usage for certain plans.

TO enable this once again add/edit a plan, open the new Resource Vouchers panel and add a voucher for the resources you want to include.

Please note that changing a plan does not affect existing members on this plan. To change a member’s plan click on their name on the coworkers page and then click Customize Plan.


You can now export your invoices as CSV by clicking on the CSV icon next to the headline on the invoices page.

Invoices can be deleted.

Especially in the EU, when you have coworkers from abroad, you sometimes don’t want to charge them taxes. There’s a new Don’t charge taxes button on the coworker page.

There is an iCal feed for the booking calendar now, so you can see the bookings from your calendar application, for example iCal on the Mac or Outlook on Windows.


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