Product Updates

Credit Card Payments, Customize Plans, More Analytics

Sep 21, 2010

The past week has seen some interesting additions:

Credit Card Payments

We have enabled coworking spaces to accept credit card (and direct debit) payments from their coworkers through German provider payone for a while. Now we are also adding for our U.S. customers.

In the past we have been hiding the feature a little bit, requiring interested spaces to contact us. Today we are changing this. When adding a new payment method you can choose between Manual, Paypal, Payone and For more info see the credit cards guide.

Customize Plans

A a coworking space manager you could already set up public and hidden plans, this way allowing you to give certain people special conditions on their memberships. Now you can customize every coworker’s plan, changing the price, terms or adding extras. This just gives you the extra flexibiity that is sometimes needed.

Where to find it: on the coworkers page click on a coworker, then there’s a Customize Plan link in the Plan panel.

More Analytics

The charts behind the Analytics link allow spaces to track their revenue, no. of coworkers and other metrics. Last week we added another chart that shows you when your coworkers check in (by weekday). In order for this to be useful you will need our wifi login via radius.


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