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Coworking Switzerland Annual Meetup 2024

Mar 26, 2024
Coworking Switzerland Annual Meetup 2024

Last week, the Coworking Switzerland Annual Meetup took place in Basel, Switzerland, drawing in a crowd of passionate individuals eager to explore the latest trends in collaborative workspaces. It was an exciting event for us at Cobot, joining in the buzz and making connections with like-minded people who are just as passionate about innovative workspaces and their advancement.

Hosted by the fantastic individuals at Coworking Switzerland and Westhive, the event buzzed with collaboration, knowledge sharing, and community spirit. We had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face with many of our incredible Cobot customers, including Mélanie Burnier from The WorkhubTanja Bender from ZentroomSara Jantzen from Gloria Coworking Lenzburg, and Emanuel Forny from Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz, among others.

The agenda was brimming with captivating sessions, kicking off with an open doors session and welcome coffee that set the stage for meaningful interactions. A standout moment of the morning was the “Get to Know Game,” fostering connection as participants shared their passions, challenges, and favorite coworking anecdotes. This provided valuable insights into the diverse projects and hurdles within different coworking spaces.

The General Assembly was a hub of lively discussions, especially on governance matters and the elections for the Board of Directors.

Tobias Kremkau then captivated the audience with his insights on “Coworking fern der Metropolen” (Coworking beyond the metropolis). He shared his personal journey into coworking, recounting his introduction to St. Oberholz in Berlin, a fellow Cobot customer. He highlighted the exponential growth of coworking spaces in Germany, especially in rural areas. Tobias emphasized the thriving business models and local networks within them. His words sparked engaging discussions on the valuable lessons urban spaces could learn from their rural counterparts, stressing the importance of diversity and community cohesion.

Susanne Mosbacher's focus on the intersection of corporate HR and coworking provided invaluable perspectives on active engagement within coworking and coliving communities.

As the event wrapped up with a concise summary and farewell drinks, we left feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

Looking back, the meetup offered invaluable insights into the dynamic coworking landscape, showcasing the growing popularity and diversity of spaces, especially in rural areas. Diversity and local networks emerged as key drivers propelling the coworking movement forward.

We're already looking forward to next year's event, grateful for the connections made and knowledge gained. Meeting our clients face-to-face was undoubtedly the highlight of the event for us!

If you're considering diving into the coworking world, we invite you to explore Cobot's solutions, empowering spaces worldwide to thrive and innovate.

Until we meet again, let's keep unlocking the potential of coworking, one community at a time.

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