Product Updates

Combining Cobot with QuickBooks

Aug 14, 2013

Note: Cobot no longer supports this integration with Quickbooks. It’s now more flexible; there’s a convenient add-on that lets you export your invoices’ line items as separate rows in a CSV file designed for QuickBooks.

Following a request from the folks at the Atlanta Tech Village coworking space — wave — we have added a fancy new feature to your overall Cobot user convenience: syncing your virtual Cobot space with your QuickBooks account! This will make bookkeeping even easier and save you a lot of hassle.

Sweet! How to set this up?

  1. Go to and click on Connect.
  2. Click on Connect to Quickbooks.
  3. Enter your Quickbooks login and password.
  4. Choose Quickbooks Income Account.
  5. Done!

From this moment on, your invoices will automatically be added to your Quickbooks account 7 days after they are created. This ensures accuracy, as the delay gives you time to make changes or process credit actions in Cobot where necessary before the data is sent off to Quickbooks.

Increased accuracy, less hassle and automatic updates — leaving you with even more time to spend on your people! So go ahead and have an extra coffee break today!


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