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Wrapping up 2018 — Cobot Developments and Updates

Dec 21, 2018
Wrapping up 2018 — Cobot Developments and Updates

What We’ve Been Working On

First off, we’d like to thank all of you for making 2018 one of the best years in Cobot’s history. We’ve grown our team, expanded our software’s reach to even more countries, brought new integrations and features to our users, and been at the forefront of the dynamic coworking scene as it’s changing the world. We’re so grateful to you all for being a part of Cobot’s worldwide family!

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes developing major infrastructure improvements for 2019; these will improve user experience as you grow and develop your space. We also overhauled our search infrastructure, which you can already see in our invoices and memberships search functionality.

The GDPR brought a radical shift to businesses located in Europe; we helped our spaces stay ahead of the data protection curve by providing detailed transition information to our spaces and reworked our product to not only be compliant, but also prepared for new regulations that will be coming into force in 2019. We’ve rolled out add-ons and features to help make these transitions as smooth as possible for all of our customers as well.

Our new member portal was launched to help improve members’ interaction with other members in their space, and it was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the community. It has allowed us to add in more complex functionality while maintaining a streamlined and intuitive interface for members.

We’ve also been advancing our integrations pipeline. Our list of features integrations is already extensive, but we’ve got some exciting partnerships in development that should help our spaces seamlessly integrate new advanced management tools into their structure.

What You Can Expect

So what do these mean for you? They mean that in the coming months you can expect to see improved reliability, better and more extensive partner integrations, and an overall streamlined user experience. We’re hiring more multi-lingual support, more developers, and building up our partnerships to push for a more accessible platform. And we’re going to keep working hard as we always have to make sure that you’re happy, healthy, and thriving.

To Everyone Who Makes Cobot Possible

Some other people we’d like to thank: the conference organizers and volunteers, who let us meet coworking pioneers and experts willing to share their knowledge; our freelance team of writers, designers, developers, and consultants, who have helped add vibrancy to Cobot; our friends and family in the coworking industry, for always showing the world the best side of coworking; and our team, the ones who keep the ship afloat and moving in the right direction. We’re lucky to have all of you!

Happy holidays and have a wonderful New Year. May it be filled with new adventures working side-by-side with family and friends; and making the world a more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming place.

Happy Coworking!

If you aren’t already using Cobot as your coworking management software, try it out! You’ll find that our features can help you run your coworking space more effectively and grow your community. Just sign up for a free trial or a live demo session. And if you have questions, our support team is waiting to hear from you!


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