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Cobot now collaborates with 500+ applications

Mar 18, 2016

If there is one thing we have learned over the past seven years, it’s that coworking space owners are as unique in their needs as the coworkers that work in their spaces. This is exactly why we were so excited to get our Zapier integration up and running: the uniqueness of 500+ applications now connects to the administrative power Cobot!


Zapier is a system that allows you to send information between a “network of applications,” based on trigger actions in Cobot. Want to send an SMS confirmation of your new membership sign-up? How about a checklist in Trello for dealing with cancelled members? Slack notifications when a new booking is made? It’s all possible!

Staying true to the Cobot manifesto

We firmly believe in the third pillar of our manifesto:

Excellence over versatility

“do a few things very well, rather then do everything in a mediocre way”

Zapier is the essence of this philosophy. Cobot can concentrate on the space management you know us for and we free your data into the other platforms where you are, again, supported by experts.

How does it work?

We started off with making the most frequent actions available to you:

  • A membership is confirmed
  • A membership is canceled
  • A new booking is made

When any of these three things happen, you can trigger data from Cobot to go, pre-formated, into a new application.

Putting it into action!


1) The first integrations that were activated were with Slack, but it flows right into the Slack integration already built in Cobot. Now, not only are all members added to the Slack channel by Cobot, but they can also be announced with the Zapier integration!

Other spaces are using the Zapier integration to publish a feed of the bookings in their space so that the front desk can keep a running tab on what’s happening.


2) The next integrations we were asked for were with CRM systems (Salesforce, Capsule, and Hupspot). Cobot puts our concentration on managing the members in the space. Zapier allows us to transfer that information directly into a CRM to help you bring them there in the first place.

We don’t charge for members without recurring payments, so leads can be added into Cobot as new members on a custom plan. Then they are sent right into the CRM system, and when they become members it’s as simple as changing their plan from Lead to Full-Time and connecting their email address!


3) Quick to follow was digital document signing for space leases. When a new member signs up, they get a lease to digitally sign. Simple and painless integration.

What else are people combining with Cobot?

The key connections that coworking space managers are working with are:

  • CRM systems (Salesforce, Capsule, Hubspot, Highrise)
  • Digital document signing (HelloSign, Knack, DocuSign)
  • Booking reminders (Google Calendar, Direct Email)
  • Event management (Eventbrite, Meetup,
  • Email marketing (Mailchimp, Gmail, Direct Email)
  • Instant messaging (Slack, Hipchat, SMS)
  • Project management (Trello, Podio, Smartsheet)
  • Surveys (Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo)

So what are you waiting for?

Getting started is free, and you are probably already using many of these tool to manage your space. Time to get them talking to each other!

Happy Coworking!

Your Cobot team


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