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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Cobot Updates

Aug 23, 2019
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Cobot Updates

Our new payment authentication system

It’s here! We’ve implemented the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) procedures in Cobot to comply with the upcoming European data protection laws, which come into effect on 14 September 2019 as a part of the Second Payment Sevices Directive (PSD2).

Note: These changes only affect our European spaces

The Authenticate Payments Page

How does this affect you?

Beginning on September 14th, a few small changes will take effect, mainly affecting payment authentication. You probably won’t notice most of them, but here are a few that you might see:

  • Some non-recurring payments (such as buying time passes or paying an invoice) will bring up the new “Authenticate Payment” screen, where the intitator of the charge will need to confirm their identity.
  • If a recurring invoice is not processed succesfully, our system will send a verification email.
  • When updating certain card details within Cobot, there will be an additional authentication step before these card details are saved with our payment partners.
  • We’ve streamlined our payment options and providers.
A demonstration of payment authentication

Wait, what is the PSD2 again?

A quick reminder: The way the new regulation works is that any customer-initiated purchase (not for recurring payments) over 30 euros will require two out of the following three security measures:

  • Something the customer knows (ex: password, PIN)
  • Something the customer has (ex: phone, device)
  • Something the customer is (ex: face recognition, fingerprint ID)

It’s designed to balance increased payment security with the modern ways customers are using the internet. You can read our introduction to the PSD2 for more information.


Let us know if you have any issues or questions for our team, we’re always working to make your experience seamless and your data secure, and your feedback makes that possible. You can always reach our support at or send us a message within Cobot.

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