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August 2023 Cobot Updates

Sep 4, 2023
August 2023 Cobot Updates

Hi there,

August has been a productive month at Cobot, and it comes with some exciting new features alongside updates to existing ones. Here are the highlights of what we shipped:

Manage non-members in Cobot: Introducing Contacts

Managing your growing community just got easier

We're excited about this one, and we bet you are too: there's a brand-new feature for you to manage non-members using your space. Any lead or contact you want to track can now be organized under Manage » Contacts. Anyone who is making external bookings on your site is also automatically added to this list.

  • See all non-members at a glance
  • Manage their contact data
  • See all their purchases, such as external bookings
  • Convert them to members

We're excited to introduce a lightweight CRM with this feature and lay the foundation for a completely overhauled experience in managing non-members.

We'd love to hear how you'll be using this feature and how we can make it even more useful to you! You can write to us via Intercom or talk to us directly in our Slack channel.

Booking Calendar Improvements

Save time navigating your calendar

Busy booking calendar? We have implemented two little time savers for your convenience:

Pre-filled time

A double click in the week and day view of the calendar will now pre-fill the time in the booking dialog.

Standardized tooltip for each type of booking on the booking calendar

When you hover over a booking anywhere in the calendar or timeline, you'll now get a detailed preview of the booking, including time, resource, name, title, and duration.

Admin Sidebar Navigation Update

New icons and descriptions

The admin sidebar has been improved to make it easier to find what you need quickly. It has a new look with new icons and more descriptive labels.

For convenience, we have moved the Setup and Add-ons navigation items down to make them easier to distinguish from other items.

Please note that we have renamed some sections to more intuitive names - Bookings is now called Calendar, and Signup Page is now called Homepage. In addition, the Resource Categories link is now located at the top of the Resources page.

Other Updates:

Payment Methods updated

The automation power of Cobot really shines when your payments are fully automated. To get started, you need to set up the payment methods you want to offer in your space.

Cobot integrates with a wide range of payment providers such as Stripe, PayPal, or GoCardless, and also allows you to define manual payment methods.

The section for setting up your automated payments has been moved to Setup » Payment Methods and is now clearer and easier to use.

More Membership Analytics

We know how important data feedback can be to your space, that's why we have added even more analytical options.

Membership analytics now include a breakdown of members with paid and free memberships, as well as how many memberships are paid for by others. You can also see the number of new and cancelled members at a glance, and analyze the average length of memberships in your space.

Design Update of Login Pages

All pages related to log in, password reset, and single sign-on have received a visual overhaul to better match the appearance of your member portal and shine on mobile devices.

If you're wondering how to use single sign-on (SSO) in your space, here's the guide on how to set up SSO in Cobot!

Space Homepage Navigation optimized for SEO

The navigation on your space's homepage has been reworded as follows: Memberships & Passes and, if you're using External Bookings, Rooms & Resources.

This change makes it easier for your customers to find all the products your space offers. As a side effect, it should also help with SEO: People searching for meeting rooms or coworking memberships are more likely to land directly on your homepage.

Help Desk API

Using the Cobot Help Desk via our API? You'll be happy to know that email notifications are now sent when a new helpdesk issue is created via the API.

Help us make Cobot better for you!

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That concludes our August update, we are excited to hear what you think. We will be back next month for even more exciting updates!


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