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April System Improvements

May 1, 2016

Our system improvements post is a bit short this month because we are waiting to announce two big Cobot steps forward this coming week! Both are very fundamental system improvements — so sit tight.

But in the meantime, we do want to let you know about what we have been up to here at Cobot:

  • Adjustment of Plan Settings during new member registration
  • Removing Slack Members from Slack Integration
  • Refresh of our Cobot Style Guide
  • A+ Security Rating

UI Plan Settings

As part of our big system improvement, to be announced next Wednesday — we have started making some UI adjustments.

In this case, when creating New Members as an admin — the Start Date / Invoice Date settings used to be below the plan assignment. And for some of our larger spaces with 20+ plans — that led to lots of scrolling!

That is shifted based on a space request — look for your ability to do the same on Wednesday!


Removing Members from Slack

Now that we have had our Slack Integration functioning for our spaces for several months, we have begun getting requests for removing members as well.



It is built. If you are on a Paid Plan with Slack, then it is ready to go. Just remove your slack integration and set it back up. This time you will get a box with the option to “Delete Cancelled Members”.



The Paid Plan with Slack is not cheap. Depending on how heavily your space is using Slack — it may be worth it to be able to remove members. Until then — we will wait until Slack opens that portion of their API to free accounts as well!

Updated Cobot Style Guide

We continue to get more and more requests from other companies to built their systems on top of our Cobot API. In case you don’t already know it — our API has been in use for 5+ years, is very well documented and can be used by direct query, creating a Little Bot or in an iFrame.

That is right — you can literally insert your app right into Cobot : Cobot as a Platform

We have spaces that have literally built their own Member’s Portal on top of Cobot. Everything the member experiences is created by the space. All of the administration (details) are handled by Cobot.

We have now updated our Style Guide to reflect all of our most recent design adjustments — so now making those apps look just like Cobot is easier then ever. If you are a developer and want access — just let us know!

Cobot Security

And just in case you were wondering — we take your security seriously. Cobot is encrypted by SSL certificates, and uses best practices for firewall, password and authentication security. Your data is in good hands.

We recently updated a couple items to move back up to an A+ rating!


Big System Improvement

Don’t Forget — the big System Improvements will be announced next Monday and Wednesday — so stay tuned.

Until then — Happy Coworking!

Your Cobot Team


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