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Another small change: admins can now assign email addresses to memberships

Sep 25, 2015

Yes, another day, another change. We know, we’re diligent when it comes to making progress at Cobot! So, space managers now can assign email addresses to memberships. Before, only members were able to add their email address at their profile, by connecting their Cobot account with an email confirmation. And when they didn’t, space managers couldn’t involve them in community mailings, etc. With this new feature, administrators can even send out messages to members who aren’t connected to a membership yet.

It just takes few steps: first the member you want to reach via email has to be registered in your Cobot space account. If a member didn’t already sign up, as a space manager you can add new members in the “Manage” section (Manage -> Members -> Add members).


As soon the profile is set up, open the member’s profile and click the drop-down menu by Membership, then “Edit Address.”


Scroll down to find the field to fill in the email address.


Once edited, you can for example send your member a newsletter. Or invite them to pick one of your memberships you’re offering. Just keep this in mind: after a user signed up with an email, this email will be used. The administrator can’t change it later, only the user themselves or the Cobot team at support!

If you need help with setting up emails addresses, don’t hesitate to contact us by writing to We would love to help and to get you ready for happy coworking.

Have a nice day with your coworkers!


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