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Access Control in Cobot is as KISI as Pie!

Feb 19, 2016
Access Control in Cobot is as KISI as Pie!

You ask — we deliver. The Cobot-KISI integration!

Mobile-Based Access Control from KISI, synchronized and managed in by your daily Cobot workflow. Active Cobot members get access, non-active members don’t. Time access is based on your existing plans. Set the access control system once, and let the Cobot-KISI-partnership do the rest of the management for you!

(Yes — it is that simple)

What does KISI provide?

KISI is an easy to install smartphone access system which can be integrated into your current access control. KISI will work with you to install a one-time hardware solution that will connect to your existing door locks. Then, members are assigned to access groups and are granted access via a mobile app depending on their membership level.

  • Control access based on time, place and date
  • Manage access rights from web & mobile
  • Issue and revoke key access instantaneously.
  • Unlock the door remotely for emergency situations.
  • Easily oversee all access operations without the need for IT or keycard duplicators.
  • Monitor security through mobile access logs

And how does the Cobot-KISI integration work?

You probably know Cobot’s integrations by now. Simple to setup and then you can get back to spending time with your coworkers! (Slack, MailChimp, Google, etc) As we state in our Manifesto: we choose to work with a few trusted partners to deliver a streamlined and quality experience.

Excellence over Versatility

We prefer doing a few things very well over doing everything in a mediocre way. Cobot has built this integration to directly speak with the KISI keyless entry platform. The Cobot setup process will only take you 5–10 minutes. Once it is set up, new and existing members will be added to access groups based on their plan. And when they are removed from a Cobot plan, they are also removed from accessing your space.

Seamless access — it is that easy!

I’m convinced!

We must admit, we are also planning to add Kisi to our own coworking space co-up

If you want to get started, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Get in touch with KISI to talk about the one-time installation of the hardware in your space. Contact to speak to a sales representative and get a quote for your specific space.
  2. Once your hardware system is installed, KISI will activate your online management account and walk you through the 5-minute Cobot account connection process.
  3. If you want plan-specific permissions, just setup your KISI groups with the same names as your Cobot plans.
  4. Make sure to click the button “add existing members” to bring everyone into the system
  5. New members will be added and assigned access based on plan automatically
  6. All your monthly KISI billing will be handled directly through Cobot.
  7. Done!

Onward and Upward!

We are very excited to be working with KISI to bring you yet another way to make your space management simpler.

As always we look forward to any feedback about your experience and will be looking for a space to become our first customer story. If you are interested, write us at

Happy coworking!

Your Cobot Team


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